About Us

Sangha Expeditions is just now coming onto the adventure travel scene. Owner, Bart Beattie, is an accomplished traveler, trekker, kayaker and philosopher who believes in the power of adventure travel in deepening one’s connection to him oneself and to the world. He is assembling a core group of like-minded people to create a unique company that goes beyond offering services and products to “consumers.” He envisions an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and spiritually enlightening business that provides experiences to people who are looking to connect more deeply to themselves and the world around them.

A ”sangha” is a community of people who come together to cultivate awareness and achieve enlightenment. Sangha Expedition’s mission is to help our community do just that. We believe that through travel to inspirational places, we increase our awareness of ourselves, the planet and of our fellow humans around the world. Through this increased awareness, we make our community and our world a better place.

Our specialty is making getting out in the world easy. We have expert in-country guides who can customize all-inclusive packages. Whether it’s a month-long trek, an overnight in a Buddhist monastery, guided tours of cultural heritage sites, or all three, we can put together a package that offers you flexibility and ease. If you don’t know where to start but are itching to travel, check out one of our packages!